SLCO Council's Recognition of Chief Cook's Retirement

Published: 29-Feb-2012

Whereas, Chief Rollin Cook was hired on June 9, 1989, promoted to Corporal in 1991 and to Sergeant in April, 1994, promoted to Lieutenant in 1997; promoted to Corrections Captain in June, 2004 and appointed to Chief Deputy on December 21, 2004; and

Whereas, Chief Rollin Cook is recognized as a true public safety innovator and collaborator and as a member of Salt Lake County's Criminal Justice Advisory Council, worked diligently to create a more progressive and innovative corrections system; and

Whereas, Chief Rollin Cook's notable achievements include: opening a mothballed jail exclusively for group therapeutic drug treatment programs; collaborating to create an integrated justice information system allowing the legal system to make more educated decisions on sentencing and treatment; he helped create "early case resolution" reducing pre-trial inmate detention from weeks or months to a matter of days; created gardening programs and vocational programs for inmates  and helped create the "Pay for Stay" program that provided additional funding from those inmates who had the financial capacity to pay; and

Whereas, Chief Rollin Cook worked with people of many backgrounds and viewpoints to create innovative change in the criminal justice system. Many of his constituents have contributed laudatory comments:

"He was interested in the lives of each corrections bureau member."

"He shared his knowledge and expertise with many students and professionals, teaching for local universities, the National Institute of Corrections, and the American Jail Association ."

"Well known for his "poker face" and his light-hearted, whimsical nature."

"He is a champion of programs that can make a difference. As a result, he not only helped to change the system but helped to change lives - there is no greater legacy."

"He cares deeply about each individual, has been a mentor to many by exhibiting it through his actions that each person in our organization matters."

"He has a knack for having a timely word of advice, holds himself and others to the highest standards of professionalism, displays an infectious passion for the betterment of the Sheriff's Office, and clings tightly to the worth and importance of making one's family a priority."

"The most valuable lesson Rollin has taught people does not come from his myriad of his excellent accomplishments; rather a personal level, he has taught many that it is human to make mistakes but it takes courage to truly own them."

"His sporadic interactions actually helped others to see how a person of great moral character s great not because they are faultless, but because they step up and do the right thing in  tough circumstances, especially when things didn't go ideally."

"Through good times and tough times, Rollin was a role model and others will continue to look up to him as a champion of integrity."

Therefore, let it be known, that Chief Rollin Cook served our community with integrity, passion and studied certainty because he cares deeply about the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office, the Corrections Bureau and the citizens he swore to protect.

And further, let it be resolved that Chief Rollin Cook be recognized this day, February 28, 2012 at his retirement

Signed this 28th day of February, 2012

Peter M. Corroon

Salt Lake County Mayor

David Wilde, Chair

Salt Lake County Council

Randy Horiuchi, Councilman

Richard Snelgrove, Councilman

Jim Bradlet, Councilman

Arlyn Bradshaw, Councilman

Michael Jensen, Councilman

Jani Iwamoto, Councilwoman

Steve DeBry, Councilman

Max Burdick, Councilman


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