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The Sheriff's Office is committed to hiring and retaining the highest quality law enforcement personnel. The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s office is a diverse group of employees and volunteers that are united in a common goal to provide the safety and welfare of the citizens of Salt Lake County. Explore your options to either become employed full-time as a career, or volunteer to make a difference in your community.

Peace Officer Merit Commission

In accordance with the Peace Officer Merit System Act, the County Council has established a Peace Officer Merit Commission (POMC) that is a bipartisan body, consisting of three members who are appointed by the Council for staggered six-year terms. For more information click here

Civilian Employment Links

Salt Lake County Personnel - http://www.jobs.slco.org To apply for positions (when open) you will need to use this link.

Corrections and Protective Services Officer Employment Information

  Upcoming Hiring Dates and Information for Corrections Officers and Protective Services Officers:

Job Title: Corrections Officer and Protective Services Officer

Salary: Protective Services Officer $16.48 p/hr

                Corrections Officer $16.93 p/hr

Opening Date: 08/12/2015

Closing Date: 09/13/2015

The position of Corrections Officer and Protective Services Officers offers a full-time Salt Lake County benefits such as Public Safety retirement, health insurance, paid sick and vacation time, tuition reimbursement, and the camaraderie of working with your friends and neighbors to protect and improve our community.

 The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office runs a satellite academy from Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training. As a Cadet in our Academy you will be taught the skills needed to begin your career in law enforcement. With years of experience, our instructors will guide you through course work in Federal and State laws, Ethical Leadership Skills, Verbal Communication Skills, as well as Physical Fitness and Defensive Tactics trainings. Following the completion of your training, you will take your certification and a new professional outlook into your career with the Sheriff’s Office.

 Following 12 weeks in the academy you will be partnered with a seasoned Corrections Officer and Protective Services Officer for our Officers Training Program (CTO and FTO). This hands-on training is conducted inside the Adult Detention Complex for Corrections Officers and at various Courthouse locations for Protective Services Officers and will fully prepare you for work as a Corrections or Protective Services Officer.

 For more information about the Corrections Bureau, click on the “Metro Jail” link. For more details regarding employment, including the required NPOST test, click on the “NPOST Information” link or contact Tami Cordova at tacordova@slco.org or (385) 468 -9899.


The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office will be open to accept applications for Correctional Officers and Protective Service Officers positions from August 12th 2015 until Sunday, September 13th, 2015 by 11:59 pm. We will also be accepting applications for Protective Services Officer Lateral Recruitment from August 19th 2015 to September 18th 2015 by 11:59pm. Please use the following link to apply:

 Apply Now 

Application Information:

Salt Lake County Personnel - http://humanresources.slco.org/employmentCenter/Index.html
To view or apply for positions (when open) you will need to use this link.



Unified Police Department

Looking for the Unified Police Department Job Postings?
Click here
to go the their website.

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