Sheriff's Office Command Staff

Rosie Rivera - Sheriff -
Jake Petersen - Undersheriff -
Matt Dumont - Chief Deputy -
Kari Huth - Chief Deputy -
Shanda Gonzalez - Deputy Chief -


The mission of the Sheriff's Office is: The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the community, proactively protects and serves the community through progressive, comprehensive, and cost-effective law enforcement, corrections initiatives and court services.

The highly skilled members that make up the Headquarters Bureau provide many of the behind-the-scenes services necessary to keep our busy Office functioning in a manner consistent with our mission.

Fiscal Division

The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office remains the largest in the state of Utah. It has responsibilities for jails, courts, Search & Rescue, and more.

The Fiscal Division of the Sheriff's Office is responsible for the accounting of all Office budgeting, purchasing, and payroll. This work is done for an organization approximately 1,100 members strong. The diverse operations include: illegal drug investigations, police radios, office supplies, and inmate dispensary items.

Human Resources

The Sheriff's Office is committed to hiring and retaining the highest quality law enforcement personnel. The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s office is a diverse group of employees and volunteers that are united in a common goal to provide the safety and welfare of the citizens of Salt Lake County. Explore your options to either become employed full-time as a career, or volunteer to make a difference in your community. Click Here for more information.