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Load A Commissary Account

What is a Commissary Account?

A commissary account is a pre-paid account that allows prisoners to purchase food and pay for phone calls. Friends and family can load a prisoner's commissary account via mail, at the jail, or through Western Union. See the payment options below.

How to Load a Commissary Account

Load an account via mail

You may load a commissary account via the U.S. Postal Service. You may send cash, certified check, or a money order. Learn more.

Load an account in person at the Metro Jail

You may load a commissary account in person at the Metro Jail and pay with cash, certified check, or a money order. All accounts are loaded from the Metro Jail regardless of whether the prisoner is located in the Oxbow or Metro Jail. Learn more.

Load an account via OffenderConnect

Do you want to pay by cash, credit card or debit card? You may load a commissary account online at www.offenderconnect.com, over the telephone (888-988-4768; site ID 143), or in person using cash or credit using the OffenderConnect kiosk in the lobby of the facility.

Make commissary purchases directly for a prisoner

Instead of loading a commissary account, you may make food purchases directly using the Access SecurePak website. which will be delivered to the prisoner.

Commissary Schedule

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Pod B

Pod C

Pod D

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** Money must be posted on account by 11:30 PM the day the order is submitted. Orders will be picked up from housing units by 7:00 AM the next morning.

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