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Jail Visitor Notification System

What is the Jail Visitor Notification System?

The Salt Lake County Sheriff provides this service to the friends and family of prisoners of the Salt Lake Metro and Oxbow Jail. This realtime status will inform you of unexpected closures of regularly scheduled visitation.

What Information Is Provided?

The system will provide the status of of the visitation area either "Open," or "Closed." If visitor area is listed as "Open," regular business hours and schedule apply. If the status is "Closed," the visitor area is closed to accepting visitors. Also, with each status there may be a comment listing the reason for the closure.

The system will also provide messages from Jail Administration on current events at the jail and items of importance to those that are visiting prisoners.


For questions or support email support[at]slsheriff.net


With our new alert system you can get updates in real time through a number of subscription methods.
Pick the one that best suits your needs!

*Subject to twitter's availability and up time Message & Data rates may apply. 
How To Subscribe
Follow “SLCOMetroJail” on twitter.
“Like” our “Salt Lake County Sheriffs Office Corrections Bureau” Facebook page. 
Send a blank email to “jailvisitor@slsheriff.net”


Below is a list of how to unsubscribe from the alert system. Each option has different steps to perform. If the below actions do not work please email support@slsheriff.net for further assistance.

How to unsubscribe
From your twitter account Un-Follow “SLCOMertoJail” on twitter.
From your Facebook account “UnLike” our Facebook page.
Click on the unsubscribe link in the footer of the last message received.

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